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Reversing Burnout: How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow

John Ramstead

In this crazy mach-5, over caffeinated and hyper connected culture we live in burnout is inevitable. Not just for the CEO’s and high-performing leaders but more and more it’s happening across every level of our organizations. It is one of the biggest reasons that job satisfaction and engagement is at an all time low. It prevents us from hiring, developing and retaining our best talent! Peter nails how to address burnout in your own life and gives you the tools and behaviors that will cure burnout in your organization. Thank you for writing this Pete and I will be recommending your book to all of the leaders that I coach!

John Ramstead CEO and Founder of Beyond Influence, Inc. and the Eternal Leadership Podcast - Executive Coach and Preferred Leadership Training for the US Military
Ralph Twombly

Reversing Burnout is the must-read for business professionals of our time. Written with the precision of the engineer that Pete is plus the very human touch that defines his work and life, this is a critical tool and strategy for professionals everywhere. Anyone who has experienced even small amounts of burnout will find this the comprehensive guide out.

Written through the eyes of someone who has made the journey and has created a new and better world, it is without doubt the finest guide I have seen. Keep it near you all of your business life. You won’t be sorry.

Ralph Twombly Founder of Priority Learning - Inspiring Tomorrow's Performance
Marc Hodroff, MD

Reversing Burnout is a remarkably insightful read as to the very real epidemic of disengagement and burnout and its tremendous impact on businesses, corporations and hospitals alike.

Peter’s experience and dissection of the issues so very accurately defines and describes the problems and also provides a clear and concise pathway towards retaining and growing talent, as well as helping oneself to re-pivot for a personally fulfilling and healthy career.

This is a must read for any professional and any organization’s administration and leadership.

Marc Hodroff, MD Founding Partner and Urologist at Fore River Urology
Thomas Quartararo, Esq.

In the legal profession, the concept of burnout is well established. As a managing partner for a top 20 law firm, I found Pete’s book to be insightful and it hit close to home. Pete’s insight, analysis, and reflections help me see the trends in our firm and with myself.

While I was in the middle of reading the book, one of our senior attorneys gave their notice after spending years as the director of one of our more profitable programs. In discussing the departure, the word “burnout” was cited multiple times. While it is too late to salvage that relationship, this book gave me the tools to recognize warning signs and the knowledge to take steps to hopefully avoid losing other members while being able to attract and retain future talent.

Thomas Quartararo, Esq. Senior Partner/Director - Robinson, Kriger & McCallum
Patrick Sweeney

Peter Atherton has managed to provide sound and practical guidance to a topic that too often falls prey to lip service and jingoism.

A winning argument for a balanced approach to managing talent in today’s workplace.

Patrick Sweeney CFO and Senior Executive for Multiple National and Multinational Companies
Chad Smithers

This was a great book to read from a Human Resources standpoint. The topic of burnout can sometimes be a difficult one for employees to talk about in this work climate.

If employees see management being more open to discuss and see signs ahead of time and work on changes, this will make for a better workforce not only at your company but also in that employee’s personal life. This book hits on some major themes, thoughts, and positive ways to make changes.

Chad Smithers Human Resources Manager, A2H - Engineers • Architects • Planners
Derek Volk

I read Peter Atherton’s book, Reversing Burnout, with great interest. Much like many Gen X’ers, I am now at the stage of life where I feel I have proven myself and it is time to look at the big picture of my life. A couple of years ago I said to my wife, “I am not yet at the “burnout” stage but I can see it in the horizon.”

Peter’s book was just what I needed to read. It guided me to affirm where I am in this stage of life, how I can help the 90 employees in my corrugated box company, and how to do all of that while still running a successful business. It is not an easy task but it is one that, with Peter’s book as my reference guide, I feel much more confident that I can handle the challenge.

Thank you for writing this book!

Derek Volk President of Volk Packaging Corporation and author of Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad's Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum
Jeffrey Messer

Through this thought provoking narrative of Pete’s own experiences with burnout, I am forced to consider my own career burnout. His original I.M.P.A.C.T. process will help you immediately move forward and avoid disengagement.

Pete gives insightful tools to gauge where we lie on the burnout spectrum and helps with reversing the burnout.

Jeffrey Messer President of Messer Truck Equipment - Maine Source for Fisher Plows and Work Truck Equipment
Jim Palmer

Peter Atherton is a rare breed of entrepreneur. Most are bottom line focused, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, with this important book, you too will discover that Pete has put his money where his mouth – and heart – is by leaving a high paying executive position to help more leaders and companies with a perplexing and growing problem – burnout.

Reversing Burnout – How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow takes a fresh look at the problem, and also gives several new and well thought out strategies that in my opinion can be easily implemented and make a real and lasting difference, beginning today.

In full disclosure, Pete is not only a friend but a coaching client. When Pete shared his idea for this book, my first reaction was, “this can’t be another book that just talks about burnout!” And, to his credit, Pete didn’t do that – he provided us an answer to it.

Through the experience he has as a leader, and more importantly, as a visionary, I see clearly why Pete left his executive position to help far more companies than just his former understand what top talent wants and lead them in creating solutions that ultimately help companies grow and prosper.

Pete is passionate about solving this problem and has made helping others win at both work and life his new focus. I applaud his efforts and after reading this book, you will as well.

Jim Palmer The Dream Business Coach and Founder of Dream Business Academy
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